Kim Richter Inaugural Speech – November 5, 2018

To All in Our Township,

I am so very honoured and humbled by your decision to give me another term as Langley Township Councillor.

Throughout my time on Council, my priorities have always been about sustainable growth, public safety, and fiscal responsibility. People and community always come first for me. It’s about “Quality of Life” not “Quantity of Development”.  I will continue to actively support these priorities.

In this next term, we need to focus on ethics, transparency and accountability of Council, affordability of taxes and housing, public safety (including police, fire, food, and water), the preservation of our green spaces, trees, agricultural land, heritage, culture, and wildlife, as well as continued respect and reconciliation with the Katzie, Kwantlen, and Matsqui First Nations.

In this election, Township residents made it very clear what you expect us to do. You want us to protect what keeps our great community so unique. You want balance and a better Langley for all generations. I respect this and will work hard to achieve it.

I extend a very warm welcome to both Margaret Kunst and Eric Woodward, the new faces on Council this next term.

Margaret’s passion for sports, tourism, and helping new immigrants in our community will make our Council stronger. We need more kindness like hers.

Eric’s background in business and development as well as his dedication to finding solutions and fixing things will set a welcome tone for the future of the Township. We need more ideas like his.

I would like to thank the Mayor for his theme of “New Beginnings”. I appreciate and value this. In this new term, we should all make a concentrated effort to look beyond personalities and instead to focus our collective energies, abilities, and attention on facing the many challenging issues in front of our community. I sincerely hope that this “New Beginnings” theme will prevail throughout this term as we protect and grow the community.

Bob Long and I started out together on this public service road 18 years (and 7 consecutive Council terms) ago. I have always appreciated, and still do, Bob’s unique ability to bring a group to consensus as well as his ability to bring laughter and music to any group.

To David and Petrina, I say how very thankful I am that you are both here again for this term. There is no doubt in my mind that your hearts have always been in the right place. You always put community first and work very hard to do the right thing for everybody. I am honoured to serve with you both again for another term. You are role models like no others.

Steve, you are truly “The Comeback Kid” and I value your persistence and dedication. I hope we will all work together to “create new opportunities for Langley”.

I know that we can always count on Councillor Whitmarsh to keep us mindful of staff’s expertise and the need to adhere to written plans, policies, and rules.

To all the people who ran in this 2018 election, thank you for keeping democracy alive and well in our community. It was a pleasure to meet you all and I encourage you to please consider running again for public office. We need voices like yours and sometimes it takes more than one try to get there. (It did for me).

To Mr. Bakken, his team, and all the Township staff, thank you for what you do on a daily basis to keep our community safe, clean, green, and vibrant. We couldn’t do it without all of you.

To my family and friends who stood by me throughout this election – through the thick and thin, the highs and lows, and the slings and arrows, I can’t thank you enough. I love you and value you more than I can ever say.

This is a new day, a new beginning, and I look forward to how we can combine our collective strengths (and they are many) in achieving the best for this community that we all love.

I sincerely hope we will all work collaboratively together to build a better Langley – one that our children and grandchildren will be every bit as proud to call “home” as we are.

Last, but definitely not least, to all the Township residents, voters, and taxpayers, I respectfully thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you again for another term. Please call, text, email or message me any time. I always have, and I always will, stand up and speak out for you.

 Kim Richter

(November 5, 2018)