What people are saying

” I’m very relieved that you are running…but I sure wish it was for the Mayor position. You work so hard for all of us Kim, and you certainly have my support. I definitely am voting for you.”

Florence Webber

“Thank you Kim Richter, for putting yourself in the position of taking on one of the hardest, most stressful, most important and underappreciated jobs in the Township of Langley!”

Thomas C. Beatty

“I commend you Kim, for standing up for what is right for this community. You fight for the good of all people, not just their own self interests. Thank you for your integrity.”

Patsy Frank

“Thank you Kim. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you… Langley NEEDS you. Langley needs more of you.”

Franz Langmann

“You are a great advocate for your constituents. Thank you.”

Lilianne Fuller

“You have my support. Always impressed how you conduct yourself in meetings. Your not afraid to speak up and challenge others.”

Cindy Robertson

“We need you on council, thank you”

Fatidjah Nestman

“I will be voting for you Kim Richter. You have been a champion for Aldergrove so I hope our community comes out and votes. I believe that you are what a Councillor should be. Represent the people of your community… Stay true to yourself in supporting the people and they will support you all the way.”

Joanne Nicolato

“To me this shows Kim’s dedication to our Township. She has no ego and is concerned about the process of development in our community…I admire her.”

Jennifer A. Webster

“Thank you, Kim. I am glad to know with almost certainty that your voice and important point of view will continue to be on council to represent us… Thanks for all your hard work and personal sacrifice.”

Kelly Keyworth