Policies & Priorities


Kim Richter’s priorities have always been sustainable growth, public safety, and fiscal responsibility. People and community always come first. It’s about “Quality of Life” NOT “Quantity of Development”.  If re-elected, Kim intends to continue to focus on these overall issues plus she will put increased emphasis this next term on:

Ethics & Accountability on Council

    • Transparency: No insider deals – No sitting Council member should be allowed to do business with the Township in order to further their own business
    • More time needs to be spent in the public doing Council business and less time spent behind “closed doors” where decisions are rarely made public

Public Safety

    • Protection of homes and properties through comprehensive Fire & Police services: More emphasis on protection against property crime and more training for First Responders
    • Security of local water, land, and food resources
    • Advocate to the Province for the provision of more health care, education, and infrastructure resources to support our rapidly expanding population


    • Reasonable tax increases: Limiting tax increases to no more than cost of living (and preferably decreasing taxes) – it’s more important to keep people in this community than forcing them out due to unreasonable taxes
    • New development needs to pay for itself
    • Integrated and multi-generational development including homelessness solutions and low cost housing alternatives to keep families together


    • Protect green spaces, rivers, streams, and trees
    • Preserve agriculture lands and foster young/new farmer use of these lands
    • Preserve and protect our water resources (aquifers, groundwater, and streams)
    • Protect wildlife corridors and their inhabitants
    • Preserve our rich heritage as the “Birthplace of BC”
    • Respect our unique relationship with the First Nations and honour their lands, heritage and history


    • Foster sustainable growth which focuses on walkable and liveable neighbourhoods including improved parks, transit, parking, and roads
    • Ensure all generations can live and age in place
    • Keep families together
    • Build for future generations