Philosophy & Vision

As I look back on the events leading up to the last municipal election, it seems to me that they can all be boiled down to one word: RESPECT. Somewhere along the line, we lost respect: for our community, for the political process, and for our taxpayers.

So this then is my commitment to you. I value and I respect the trust which you, the people of Langley, have placed with me. I will show you this respect on a daily basis:

  • By debating the issues, not the personalities;
  • By being as accessible as possible to anyone in this community who wants to talk to a local government representative;
  • By understanding that there is more than one point of view in this community and by listening to all those points of view before making a decision;
  • And finally by remembering, in any decision I am asked to help make on behalf of this community that Langley is home to all of us.

This is my pledge to you as together we face the challenges, the opportunities and the decisions of the next decade.

Thank You,

Kim Richter.

Langley is at a critical turning point.

It has nurtured many generations/families but we are growing so quickly now without full consideration of the importance of “Quality of Life” over “Quantity of Development”.

We need to focus on ethics, transparency/accountability of Council, affordability of taxes and housing, safety (fire, police, food, and water), preservation of our green spaces, trees, agricultural land, heritage, and wildlife. We need our local politicians to protect what keeps our community so unique. We need balance.

Says Kim:  “I believe in this community, its tremendous potential, and its future. I want this great community to last and grow responsibly for our children and grandchildren.