Investigation Report Respecting Social Media Interaction and Related Allocations

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 28, 2018

Re: Agenda Item M.1 Investigation Report Respecting Social Media Interaction and Related Allocations – Township of Langley Regular Evening Meeting Agenda for October 1, 2018

The Mayor’s majority on Langley Township Council has made the decision to censure me for doing my job. In October 2017 I brought to public attention the fact that a sitting member of Council was doing business with the Township. I did not think that was right at the time and considered it my duty to say so publicly, not only in Council and to the press but also on social media including Facebook.

My views plainly upset the Mayor’s Gang of 5. In November 2017, the Mayor’s Gang of 5 hired a lawyer at the expense of the Township to provide a legal opinion about my use of social media. I told them then to save the taxpayers money and just to go ahead and censure me because that’s what they were really up to anyway. My crystal ball prediction was right.

I unequivocally reject any suggestion in this resolution that there was any reasonable basis for the Gang of 5 on Langley Township Council to censure me for anything I have done or said.

I also have no hesitation in saying that this resolution has nothing to do with my use of social media. The title of the “Agenda Item” is misleading. Nothing I have said on social media (or to the press or in council) is the actual subject of this motion of censure.

In response to this political stunt to sully my good name, I say the Gang of 5 should be held accountable for an extraordinary waste of tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars leading up to this baseless resolution.

I will not allow my constitutional right to freedom of expression to be chilled by censorship or attacks on my reputation. My Charter free speech rights belong not only to me, but to the public at large, who are entitled to hear what I have to say.

A majority on Council should not be allowed to employ scarce public resources to chill speech by other councillors who may disagree with them, particularly new councillors.

Is this the government Langley Township deserves? Or wants?

This needs to stop now. On October 20, 2018 please vote for major, honourable, and principled change on Langley Township Council. The “Gang of 5” needs to go.

I will be conferring with my lawyer about legal options to vindicate the reputation which I have built up over my many years of public service.

For Further Information, please contact Kim Richter (604-856-9788) or Roger D. McConchie, Barrister and Solicitor (604-988-1622).

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  • Kim Richter
    October 1, 2018 Reply

    If anyone sees any comments from any members of Township of Langley Council members about this censure, the Plomp report, or any comments or actions that may seem related, can you please screenshot, copy or record them and kindly forward them to me. Thank you …Kim Richter.

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